HEAL Utah and its members have recently taken on many tough battles and won.


Four years ago, few thought it would be possible to stop the low-level nuclear waste dump, Envirocare, from wielding its tremendous political influence to secure permission to accept "hotter" classes of nuclear waste in Utah. Yet in March of 2005, we passed legislation at the state legislature banning hotter nuclear waste from being dumped in Utah. LEARN MORE


When poisonous emissions from MagCorp, formerly ranked by the EPA as the #1 toxic air polluter in the country, were stripping the paint off its employees' cars and endangering the health of nearby residents, we pressured the company to install new pollution control equipment that resulted in a 90% reduction in chlorine emissions. LEARN MORE

Davis County Garbage Incinerator

When the Davis County Garbage Incinerator put Utahns at risk by exposing us to dioxin—one of the most dangerous chemicals known to science—HEAL lead a grassroots campaign to pressure the company to install pollution control equipment that reduced dioxin emissions by 99% and mercury emissions by 95%. LEARN MORE

Educating the Public

When pundits argued that Utahns did not care about environmental protection, we showed that by making the connection between pollution and public health, Utahns understand the importance of protecting the environment in which they raise their families. Now polls show that 86% of Utahns oppose higher-levels of nuclear waste being dumped in Utah.

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