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capitolprotestBelow is a list of bills that HEAL Utah is keeping an eye on this Legislative session. Please check the Support/Oppose column which indicates whether the bill is supported or opposed by HEAL. We put those which we believe are a higher priority towards the top.

Check back in 2018 for a new set of bills!

Here’s The 2017 Bills & Our Position On Them:

2017 Legislative Bill Tracker

Bill Number Bill Name Sponsor Description Support/Oppose Status/Notes
HB29Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax CreditRep. Stephen HandyRenews the tax credit for electric and alternative fuel vehicles to 2021.SUPPORTFailed Full House Vote
HB134Emissions Testing Amendments Rep. Patrice ArentRequires emissions testing for light/medium duty diesel vehicles in counties with currently existing emissions testing programsSUPPORTPassed House awaiting Senate Committee
HB23Income Tax Credit Modifications Rep. Jeremy Peterson Phases out the $2000 residential rooftop solar tax creditNEUTRALPassed Senate awaiting House Enrollment
HB203Open Burning of Yard Waste Amendments Rep. Gage FroererBars the Division of Air Quality prohibiting certain city-run programs from the burning of yard wasteOPPOSEHouse rules
HB11State Boards and Commissions Amendments Rep. Norman ThurstonRemoves the requirement partisan balance on 29 boards and commissions appointed by the Gov.OPPOSE Passed Both Houses - Awaits Governor Signature
HB96Petroleum Vapor Recovery Amendments Rep. Steve EliasonIncreases criminal penalties for failure to recapture petroleum vapors from gas tankers SUPPORTPassed Senate awaiting House Enrollment
HB65Air Conservation Act Amendments Rep. Mike SchultzStates that the Division of Air Quality shall allow burning of solid fuel if the primary purpose of the burning is to cook foodOPPOSEPassed Both Houses - Awaits Governor Signature
HB183Emissions Settlement AmendmentsRep. Timothy Hawkes Sets up the Environmental Mitigation and Response Act for Volkswagon settlement funds and allows Division of Air Quality to administer the fundsSUPPORTAwaiting Senate Vote
HB104Motor Vehicle EmissionRep. Logan Wilde Allows revenues from local emissions programs to support the National Ambient Air Quality Standards SUPPORTAwaiting Senate Vote
HCR5Concurrent Resolution on Clean School Buses Rep. Stephen HandySupports a $20 million allocation to begin replacing dirty diesel school buses with clean technologySUPPORTPassed House Rules Committee, now moves to House Floor
HB457Carbon Emissions Tax ActRep. Joel Briscoe Implements a carbon tax in the state of UTSUPPORTPassed Senate awaiting House Enrollment
SB154Solar Access AmendmentsSen. Lincoln Fillmore Restricts HOAs from banning rooftop solar systems outright SUPPORTBill passed Senate Assigned to House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
*Air Quality Monitoring Appropriation Rep. Patrice Arent $1.3 Million - one time
$150,000 Ongoing
SUPPORT Not Publicly Available
HB297Renewable Energy AmendmentsRep. Stephen HandyThis bill makes it easier for businesses to purchase renewable energy through power purchase agreementsSUPPORTWaiting on Senate Second Reading
SJR09Joint Resolution on Climate Change Sen. Jim Dabakis This joint resolution expresses Utah's commitment to address the causes and effects of climate change.SUPPORTSent Back to Senate Rules

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