Cedar City, Utah is downwind of this Nevada nuclear weapons test site. 1953.

For the past century, Utah has been in the cross-hairs of the nuclear industry as the uranium mined and milled from our soils has returned to us as radioactive fallout and nuclear waste. And while Utah has never fully recovered from the unique and painful legacy of our nuclear past, the industry is back at our doorsteps making the same promises of cheap, clean energy it did 50 years ago. HEAL Utah is working to end the pattern of abuse from the nuclear industry’s mining, milling, waste disposal, and weapons testing practices.

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Nuclear Utah Updates…

NEWS: Price may join nuke power effort

Steve Christensen
Sun Advocate
March 6th, 2018

A proposal for Price City to join an effort to build a small power-generating nuclear reactor in Idaho has been tabled while further information is obtained.

During a presentation to the city council and public last week, Doug Hunter explained this technology is different than anything that has been proposed before. Hunter is general manager and chief executive officer for Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS).

UAMPS is proposing the project, that would use technology developed by NuScale. The project consists of 12 individual nuclear reactors, each capable of producing 50 megawatts of electricity.


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COMMENTARY: Utah should take down its ‘Waste is Welcome’ sign

Scott Williams
Salt Lake Tribune
March 10th, 2018

This session, the Utah Legislature passed three bills to make EnergySolutions “more competitive” in the nuclear waste and nuclear power plant decommissioning business. In other words, Utah just hung out a sign that says “Your Waste is Welcome Here”.

HB169 would shift $1.7 million of EnergySolutions business costs to Utah taxpayers. This is the amount of regulatory fees previously paid by EnergySolutions, a company with a half-billion dollars in annual revenues. These fees cover the cost of state permitting and inspections required at the nuclear waste dump west of the Great Salt Lake. They claim that their half-billion dollar company needs Utah taxpayers to pick-up these costs in order to become “more competitive”.

SJR11 would authorize EnergySolutions to create a new landfill where they can dump non-nuclear waste. This allows them to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for dumping nuclear power plant waste and secure the entire decommissioning contract.


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Help Stop A Bad Bill: Urge Gov to Veto HB169


The legislative session is over, but there is still a fight to be had. And we at HEAL need YOUR help!

HB169: Commercial Waste Fee Amendments sailed through both the House and the Senate and now it's waiting on the Governors desk. Right now, we need you to ask him to VETO this horrible bill.

So, why is this bill so bad? HB169 aims to shift $1.7 million of EnergySolutions business costs to Utah taxpayers. TO YOU AND ME! These fees cover the cost of state permitting and inspections required at the nuclear waste dump west of the Great Salt Lake. EnergySolutions claims that their half-billion dollar company needs Utah taxpayers to pick-up these costs in order to become “more competitive.” Is this where you want your hard-earned tax dollars going? Not me. I refuse to accept that our elected officials see Utah as a dumping ground for nuclear waste that we don't even generate here. That's right, Laura, we don't even generate nuclear power (subsequently waste) in this state. Why should our taxpayer money help a private industry bring more toxic waste into Utah!?

Will you help me by signing this action alert and sharing it with your networks? We’ve it easy for you, just copy and paste it into your social media feeds asking your friends and family to sign it too. 

There isn’t much time, Gov. Herbert can sign this into law anytime between NOW and March 29th.Please don’t let this opportunity slip by. We need your support. Tell Gov. Herbert to Veto HB169.

Need More Info? Check out my recently published Op-Ed on the subject. Click Here »

Thank you for your time and energy.

In Community, 

Scott Williams | Executive Director



  1. The governor raises an appropriate concern. EnergySolutions have been buying political capitals to advance their for-profit interests. They are not forthcoming about radiation risks for ordinary citizens. If you live in Utah and love your state, we should raise a serious concern about EnergySolutions’ conduct.

  2. This is one of the reasons the tapwater that killed my dad & gave me tongue cancer was so radioactive. “Well” water in the Great Basin can be very, very, deadly.

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