Full 2016 Legislative Grade Matrix



  • Legislators were judged on whether they voted in favor of bills that HEAL and other environmental groups supported and whether they voted against bills that we opposed. A “1” is a positive vote, a “0” is a negative.
  • Committee and floor votes were each counted and weighted equally. For bills that didn’t make it out of committee, therefore, only one vote could be considered while most bills had two.
  • In the Senate, only the Senate 3rd Reading Calendar votes were considered, to represent the final vote of the legislator.
  • Absences and abstentions did not impact the score — These are denoted with an “A”
  • Because of varying committee assignments, and absences, legislators did have a varied number of voting opportunities. (Nearly all cast between 10 and 16 votes.) The grades are a percentage of how many votes each made. Whether a legislator voted “right” on 8 of 12, or 10 of 15, each got the same grade. (67 percent.)
  • Letter grades were assigned using the following standard rubric.

A   93.33-100
A – 90-93.33
B+ 86.67-90
B  83.33-86.67
B- 80-83.33
C+ 76.67-80
C  73.33-76.67
C- 70-73.33
D+ 66.67-70
D  63.33-66.67
D- 60-63.33
F  0-60

SenatorHB87 CommitteeHB87 FloorHB237 CommitteeHB237 Floor HB244 Committee HB244 Floor HB250 CommitteeHB250 Floor HB130 Committee HB130 Floor SB49 CommitteeSB49 Floor SB80 CommitteeSB80 FloorSB246 CommitteeSB246 FloorSB115 Committee SB115 FloorHB242 FloorTotalVotesAbsences% GradeLetter Grade   
Dabakis, Jim11111111111111101A
Escamilla, Luz1A111111111101011A
Hillyard, Lyle W.A11A111A1AA6651A
Iwamoto, Jani1AA1AAAA1111AAA6691A
Harper, Wayne A.1111111111101121300.9231A-
Shiozawa, Brian E.A1AA11111101111111230.9167A-
Davis, Gene1A11111110191010.9A-
Mayne, Karen11111111100A91110.8182B-
Vickers, Evan J.111111111100011121500.8B-
Knudson, Peter C.A11111111110001111410.7857C+
Bramble, Curtis S.A1111110A017920.7778C+
Millner, AnnA1111100117910.7778C+
Christensen, Allen M.111111111100001111500.7333C
Jenkins, Scott K.111111111000011111500.7333C
Okerlund, Ralph111111000171000.7C-
Stephenson, Howard A.11A1110100171010.7C-
Stevenson, Jerry W.111111000171000.7C-
Thatcher, Daniel W.11111A1000171010.7C-
Weiler, Todd111111000171000.7C-
Niederhauser, Wayne L.1A111A100016920.6667D
Van Tassell, Kevin T.1111A110000171110.6364D
Urquhart, Stephen H.111AA100015820.625D-
Adams, J. Stuart1A11A110000161020.6D-
Fillmore, Lincoln011111000A5910.5556F
Hinkins, David P.1111A1000000161210.5F
Madsen, Mark B.A11011000A4820.5F
Henderson, Deidre M.0111010000151100.4545F
Jackson, Alvin B.0A1011100000151210.4167F
Dayton, MargaretA01111100000001061510.4F
RepresentativeHB87 CommitteeHB87 FloorHB237 Committee HB237 FloorHB244 Committee HB244 Floor HB250 CommiteeHB250 FloorHB356 CommitteeHB130 Committee HB130 FloorSB49 CommitteeSB49 FloorSB80 CommitteeSB80 FloorSB246 FloorSB115 Committee SB115 FloorHB242 CommitteeHB242 Floor HB385 CommitteeHB385 FloorTotalVotesAbsences% GradeLetter Grade
Arent, Patrice M.111111111111111151501A
Briscoe, Joel K.11A1111111111111151511A
Chavez-Houck, Rebecca11111111111111101A
Edwards, Rebecca P.1111111A111111131311A
Eliason, Steve1111111A111101011A
Hemingway, Lynn N.A1111111111A111131321A
Hollins, Sandra11111111111111101A
King, Brian S.1111111111111111161601A
Moss, Carol SpackmanA11111111111111111A
Poulson, Marie H.11111111111111101A
Powell, Kraig111111111A11111111A
Romero, Angela11111111111111101A
Wheatley, Mark A.111111111111121201A
Cox, Fred C.111111110111111200.9167A-
Hall, Craig111111111011111200.9167A-
Hutchings, Eric K.1111A111101A11111220.9167A-
Duckworth, Susan111A11110111101110.9091A-
Dunnigan, James A.11111110111101100.9091A-
Spendlove, Robert M.1111111A01191010.9A-
Ward, Raymond P.1A11111011191010.9A-
Ray, PaulA111110A1118920.8889B+
Cutler, Bruce R.111111100111101200.8333B
DiCaro, Sophia M.111111110011101200.8333B
King, Brad111111110011101200.8333B
Kennedy, Michael S.1110110111191100.8182B-
Redd, Edward H.1111110011191100.8182B-
Chew, Scott H.0111101111A10111121510.8B-
Pitcher, Dixon M.11A1110011181010.8B-
Sagers, Douglas V.A111001111101111121510.8B-
Sanpei, Dean111A110101181010.8B-
Tanner, Earl D.011111110011111121500.8B-
Anderson, Johnny11AA11A0A0116840.75C
Barlow, Stewart11111110001191200.75C
Christensen, LaVar11111110001191200.75C
Draxler, Jack R.11111110001191200.75C
Handy, Stephen G.1111111110000111121600.75C
Nelson, Merrill F.11111110001191200.75C
Snow, V. Lowry1A111110001181110.7273C-
Cunningham, Rich1111A11010000111101510.6667D
Perry, Lee B.11111110000181200.6667D
Daw, Brad M.0110110110171100.6364D
Wilson, Brad R.1A1A11000A15830.625D-
Gibson, Francis D.011A010101161010.6D-
Hawkes, Timothy D.0111111000AA61020.6D-
McIff, Kay L.1110A10001161010.6D-
McKell, Mike K.0111AA1A100001A171240.5833F
Westwood, John R.10110110001171200.5833F
Froerer, Gage0A110111000011181410.5714F
Hughes, Gregory H.AA1A1A000114740.5714F
Coleman, Kim011A1100A015920.5556F
Dee, Brad L.AA111AA0100001A161150.5455F
Peterson, Val L.1111000001161100.5455F
Stanard, Jon E.0111A1100000A1171320.5385F
Peterson, Jeremy A.11110011010000181500.5333F
Brown, Melvin R.01100110001161200.5F
Christofferson, Kay J.001111110000001181600.5F
Last, Bradley G.011011000A151010.5F
Noel, Michael E.1110A01000A151020.5F
Owens, Derrin0A11A110000151020.5F
Sandall, Scott D.01110110000161200.5F
Schultz, Mike0011111000AA51020.5F
Grover, Keith1A110A00000101161320.4615F
Fawson, Justin L.00110011A00151110.4545F
Webb, R. Curt0110110000151100.4545F
Greene, Brian M.011101010100000171600.4375F
Knotwell, John01010100A00011161410.4286F
Stratton, Keven J.01110A11000000A161420.4286F
Ivory, Ken011110010100000001181900.4211F
Lifferth, David E.00110110000151200.4167F
Oda, Curtis01100110000151200.4167F
Thurston, Norman K0010010010141100.3636F
McCay, Daniel01010000010010151500.3333F
Anderegg, Jacob L.1A0100A0000131020.3F
Ipson, Don L.011001000A031010.3F
Roberts, Marc K.0010000000121100.1818F

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