Harnessing the power of grassroots advocacy and smart policy research, HEAL engages in legislative and regulatory settings to champion clean air, clean energy, and a limit to nuclear & toxic waste.



Current program areas include:

Clean Air

  • Beginning with our collaboration with the Clean Air Task Force from 2012-2013, HEAL works closely with state legislators to research and build support for new laws to address Wasatch Front air pollution.
  • See our current Bill Tracker here.
  • HEAL regularly addresses the Air Quality Board and works with the state’s Department of Air Quality to comment on pollution permits, provide input on emissions cuts, and, often, to encourage state regulators to require more of industrial emitters.
  • HEAL supports policies to increase alternative transportation options, as well as tax credits for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, particularly e/v’s.


  • HEAL urges state and federal air quality regulators to require Rocky Mountain Power to adopt best available pollution controls for Utah coal plants.
  • This includes limiting regional haze, cutting mercury emissions, and supporting limitations on carbon pollution.
  • HEAL challenges air and water quality permits for coal plants that do not adequately protect public health and the environment
  • HEAL advocates for stronger protections around coal ash dumps.

Renewable Energy

  • HEAL encourages innovative policies to allow for the large-scale purchase of renewable energy.
  • HEAL supports the expansion of rooftop solar for individual homes and businesses. We oppose any fees imposed on such utility customers.
  • HEAL engages in Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp’s biennial master planning process, and advocates for the phasing out of coal-fired electricity in favor of large-scale renewable energy investments.
  • HEAL did a thorough analysis of whether Utah can generate all of its electricity needs from renewable energy by 2050. The answer?  Yes!  Check out our 2010 eUtah report here: eU_Report_FINAL_Full_WebRes
  • HEAL supports policies to encourage stronger energy efficiency standards for new homes.

Nuclear Utah 

-Fighting Utah’s first proposed nuclear reactors

  • Since 2007 when the public first learned about the proposed reactors in Green River, Utah, HEAL has opposed this venture at all opportunities.
  • We are currently challenging the water rights awarded to the project.
  • If the Blue Castle proposal makes it to the pre-licensing phase with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (which we doubt), HEAL will oppose this project through the NRC process.

-Watchdogging nuclear waste

  • Utah holds the unfortunate distinction of being home to the largest low-level nuclear waste dump in the United States, EnergySolutions, which is about 70 miles from Salt Lake City.
  • Learn more on our nuclear waste page about our past victories in limiting what kind of radioactive material comes to Utah, and read up on our current campaign to stop millions of tons of long-lived depleted uranium from being dumped in our West Desert.

-Supporting a permanent end to nuclear weapons testing

  • Between 1951 and 1992, the federal government detonated over 900 nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site. Utah’s communities lay downwind of the radioactive materials that were emitted after such blasts.  Many individuals were sickened and many died as a result.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring nuclear weapons testing never again threatens our public health. Learn more about this campaign and the effort to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Civic Engagement and Grassroots Organizing

  • We couldn’t do any of our work without the support of our members: individuals, volunteers, activists, and business leaders who show up to regulatory meetings and legislative hearings, write letters to the editor, meet with their elected officials, and more.  We keep you informed so you can make your voice heard on the issues that matter.
  • A healthy civic environment is the precursor to a healthy physical environment. During the legislative session, HEAL helps people get involved by giving interested citizens an inside view of how the Utah Legislature works, along with the tools need to successfully lobby our elected officials. Sign up for our Citizen Activist Program to learn more!
  • We hold large public education events on all of these issues; present to dozens of university classes and other community groups; and organize rallies.
  • Get in touch if you would like to have HEAL come speak for your group.