Nuclear Waste

Every step in the nuclear fuel cycle has affected Utah. And when it comes to nuclear waste, Utah bears the unfortunate honor of being home to the nations largest low-level radioactive waste facility, operated by EnergySolutions.

A History of Waste

HEAL has fought to limit the waste that EnergySolutions (formerly Envirocare) has sought to bring to Utah for more than a decade now. And that’s not the only waste battles that HEAL and Utahns have waged. Let’s not forget the now defeated Private Fuel Storage facility, or even the proposed Yucca Mountain project in neighboring Nevada. Utahns have had their share of the nuclear waste experience.

Our EnergySolutions work, most recently, has zeroed in on stopping the company from bringing Depleted Uranium, waste the company wants to bring to our West Desert that would grow in hazard for more than two million years – long after the site can be safely controlled. Click the below video to find out more about the DU menace.

Prior to that, HEAL worked hard to stop the company from dumping foreign waste in Utah and from increasing the size of their site in Clive, Utah. We also succeeded in getting our State Legislature to pass a ban on hotter “B&C” wastes back in 2005 – a ban that EnergySolutions has repeatedly sought to circumvent, particularly in its bid in recent years to bring “blended” waste to Utah.

HEAL Utah remains dedicated to keeping Utah from being the dumping ground for all the world’s nuclear waste and to keeping a watchful eye on the corporate and government actors determined to continue to target our great state for all their messes.



Click above to hear a recent radio piece about our Depleted Uranium fight.

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stop depleted uranium

Safety and Evaluation Report: EnergySolutions and Depleted Uranium

Recent Updates on Nuclear Waste…

NEWS; EnergySolutions Wants an Exemption so it can Dispose of Uranium Munitions in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune
Brian Maffly
August 31, 2018

EnergySolutions has yet to win permission from Utah regulators to accept depleted uranium, but the radiated-waste handler is seeking exemptions that would allow it to bury several thousand tons of retired armor-piercing munitions that contain the radioactive material.

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NEWS; EnergySolutions Seeks yet Another Exemption for Depleted Uranium

The Independent
Grace Olscamp
August 31, 2018

On Aug. 30, Utah’s Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control Board held an emergency meeting to take action on EnergySolutions’ latest request to be exempted from the current rule that places limits on the amount of depleted uranium that can be brought to Utah.

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