NEWS: Oakland/Sacramento Decisions Put Hold on Utah Plans to Ship Coal

Michael Orton
Utah Political Capitol
June 28, 2016

Sacramento — The bills sponsored by California State Senator Loni Hancock (Democrat, Oakland), which would require additional environmental review and limit California state funding for a coal terminal in East Oakland have already passed the California Senate and now are advancing in their state’s Assembly.

Readers will recall that in February, during Utah’s regular legislative session, the California Senator had introduced two bills in Sacramento that were in opposition to the expansion of the Port of Oakland to expand coal exports. Developer Phil Tagami had announced plans to build a bulk commodities terminal as part of the design occupying the former Oakland US Army base. Four Utah counties had pledged more than $26 million in road funds in 2017 budgets with the Beehive state pledging yet another $27 million in the 2018 budget as a “construction loan” to Tagami’s development company, all in exchange for the rights to be first in line for “throughput” loading priority of Utah coal. The net effect would represent an expansion of Bowie Resource Partners‘ coal markets to Pacific Rim nations, quite likely through the Chinese Lüshun Port of Dalian, Liaoning on the Bay of Korea.

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