Nuclear Utah (Archive)

For the past 50 years, Utah has been in the cross-hairs of the nuclear industry as the uranium mined and milled from our soils has returned to us as radioactive fallout and nuclear waste.

And while Utah has never fully recovered from the unique and painful legacy of our nuclear past, the industry is back at our doorsteps making the same promises of cheap, clean energy it did 50 years ago.

HEAL Utah is working to end the pattern of abuse from the nuclear industry’s mining, milling, waste disposal, and weapons testing practices.


The egghead we need

Arjun Mahkijani, a self-proclaimed “egghead,” has worked tirelesly for decades to bridge science and democracy. His efforts to bring sound science to the nuclear debate continue to have a tremendous impact in this country, including here in Utah. Click here to learn more.


Nuclear reactors in Utah?

Utahns want clean, renewable and efficient energy–not nuclear power. Sign our petition opposing any legislation that would make it easier to build a nuclear reactor in Utah.

Say “No, Grazie!” to Italian nuclear waste

Earlier this month, the Utah Radiation Control Board was the first state agency to take a stand against EnergySolutions’ plan to import 20,000 tons of nuclear waste from Italy. Now we need you to make your voice heard, too.

To take action and comment, go to our online take action form.