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Salt Lake Magazine

“It’s certainly a step in the right direction,” says Meisei Gonzalez, Communications Director with HEAL Utah, a 501c3 committed to protecting public health and the environment by promoting renewable energy and clean air initiatives. “The IRA utilizes the incentive approach—the carrot not the stick—which we’ve seen achieve better results in Utah. The bottom line is it will help us transition to newer technologies for production and generation of clean energy and away from fossil fuels. It has the potential for wide-ranging positive effects locally and beyond.”

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Utility Drive

“If the participants don’t take that off-ramp, then they are locked in and no matter what happens to the cost of construction after that, you know, then they’re in it, like Vogtle and Summer in the Southeast,” Williams said, referring to the development of two new nuclear reactors that each went billions over budget. The Summer project in South Carolina was ultimately canceled.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Rarely do voters hold the key to important climate change or health policy in their own hands. This is your chance. We encourage Salt Lake City voters to support the parks and public lands bond on your ballot, for your health and ours, by voting yes.

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Utah Public Radio

Numerous commenters, including HEAL Utah’s Alex Veilleux, brought up that the permit directly violates Gilbert Bay’s protected status under Utah’s Administrative Code.

“It directly violates what the Division of Water Quality is talking about doing and what they’re tasked to do. But most importantly, my perspective is that it’s just so frustrating to see all the work that everyone is doing right now…all being directly negated,” Veilleux said.

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