Share YOUR Ideas for Limiting Pollution!

Share Your Clean Air Ideas!

State air officials have set up a Facebook page for sharing pollution reduction ideas. Check it out!

Not sure Utah gets any more beautiful than Wednesday’s sunny spring glory. On such splendid days, it’s hard to remember the wintertime pollution episodes which jeopardize our health.

I’m very excited to tell you about an important opportunity this year for HEAL (and you!) to champion bold strategies to reduce our worrisome pollution problem.

But before I do, I wanted to make sure you knew about our upcoming Spring Breakfast! It’s two weeks from today, on Thurs. May 18, and now is a great time to purchase a ticket. It’s a very timely event, with our featured speaker — former Obama EPA official Shaun McGrath – slated to share with us how the new Administration in Washington is jeopardizing the last few years’ progress on clean air and climate.

You’ll also hear briefly from HEAL staff about our campaigns. And we’re excited to be presenting awards to several Utahns who have made a difference in protecting public health and the environment in recent years. To join us that morning, buy a ticket now to ensure you have a seat and we’ll see you on Thursday May 18th.

Okay, back to an important update on our air quality work. 2017 will be a big year for Utah to develop plans to reduce air pollution, now that the EPA has finalized its ruling that Utah is now in “serious” trouble, after nearly a decade of failing to meet the Clean Air Act’s standards. See Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News stories this week for more background.

Utah has been obligated to come up with clean air plans before, but what makes this year different is that since we’ve been failing for so many years, the Clean Air Act requires Utah to do even more. It requires us to be even stricter with industry and to take a careful look at any measure which any state has adopted to control air pollution. Any measure in any state!

That has led HEAL and our staff to devote recent weeks pouring through other states’ plans looking for strategies which can make a difference here. It’s tough work but we’re excited to report that it is bearing fruit. We are identifying ideas which we are excited to urge State officials to adopt.

In the weeks and months to come we will begin sharing those with you, addressing everything from wood smoke, to heavy duty trucks and locomotives, to industry.

At this stage, we don’t need to ask you to do anything, but we are curious: What ideas do you have to reduce air pollution? And it’s not just HEAL Utah which is curious. Our state Division of Air Quality also wants to hear directly from the public. And they have set up a Facebook page to solicit ideas. Click here to go to that page and then “join” the group.

Once you’ve joined, you can go to the page and start posting your ideas any time.Do you have ideas for how Utah can reduce pollution from Vehicles? Let the state know. How about ways to reduce pollution from our homes, office buildings and small businesses? Let the state know. Do you have ideas for limiting pollution from heavy industry like the refineries and the Kennecott copper operations? Share those.

Let’s show state officials that Utahns DO want to see bold action on air pollution – and have lots of ideas of how we can get there.

Thanks! And don’t forget about the Spring Breakfast…it’s not to be missed!



HEAL Utah Executive Director Mateo Pacenza