News: Summer air quality discussed on the hill

ABC 4 Utah July, 1, 2015 SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – If you’ve noticed the haze in the air, you’re not alone. There have been several yellow and orange air quality days this summer. Health experts are blaming hot temperatures and car emissions for Utah’s bad ozone season.

NEWS: Herbert signs bill to stop air protection

Rod Decker and Larry D. Curtis KUTV Thursday, April 2, 2015 Wood burning stoves pollute Utah air according to Gov. Gary Herbert. “Wood burning in our valley contributes five percent of pm 2.5. It is a big number and it affects our air quality,” he said.

NEWS: Air quality advocates call prohibition of wood-burning ban a ‘slap in the face’

By Katie McKellar  Deseret News Wednesday, April 1 2015 SALT LAKE CITY — By signing a bill that prohibits an all-out ban on wood burning, clean air advocates say Gov. Gary Herbert has thrown the Utah Division of Air Quality “under the bus.” That’s what Tim Wagner, executive director of …

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NEWS: This Green Earth – March 31 2015

CHRIS CHERNIAK & NELL LARSON KPCW April 1, 2015 On this episode of This Green Earth, host Chris Cherniak spoke with Matt Pacenza, Executive Director of HEAL Utah about the 2015 Utah State Legislative Session. Paul Murphy of Rocky Mountain Power also joined the show to talk about several of …

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Op-ed: It’s up to voters to ensure Utah’s air quality improves

By Robert DeBirk, Ingrid Griffee, Tim Wagner and Alicia Connell Mar 28 2015 The Salt Lake Tribune Our warm and windy weather made 2014-15 a not-too-bad air quality winter along the Wasatch Front. Good fortune stopped pollution from our cars, buildings and industry from congealing and darkening the skies into …

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NEWS: Is Gov. Herbert listening to those who oppose wood-burning restrictions?

John Mortensen Deseret News March 24 2015 In January, a lot of folks from the Wasatch Front attended public hearings concerning the Utah Air Quality Board’s proposal to ban the use of all wood-burning devices, old and new, next winter. When I say a lot of folks, I mean over …

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NEWS: Air Activists Seek Veto on Burning-Regulation Bill

JUDY FAHYS KUER 18 March 2015 Clean-air activists want Governor Gary Herbert to veto a bill that bars regulators from banning wood burning all winter in Utah’s polluted areas. KUER’s Judy Fahys has the story.

NEWS: Lawmakers say ‘no’ to seasonal wood-burning ban

Amy Joi O’Donoghue Deseret News March 12, 2015 SALT LAKE CITY — Utah lawmakers overwhelmingly heard the outcry of their constituents on threatened wood-burning restrictions, passing a measure on the final day of 2015 Legislature that prohibits a seasonal ban.

NEWS: Merger of environmental boards stokes concerns, opposition from Utah Radiation Control Board

Amy Joi O’Donoghue Deseret News March 12, 2015 SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Radiation Control Board voted unanimously to voice its opposition to the state Legislature’s move to dismantle the organization, declaring the change is ill-advised and members should have been consulted.

NEWS: Advocates say merger of dangerous waste boards would tilt in industry’s favor

BRIAN MAFFLY The Salt Lake Tribune Mar 11 2015 The Senate took final action Wednesday to consolidate two Department of Environmental Quality divisions that handle dangerous waste.