NEWS: Weber County diesel emissions testing program approved by health board

Leia Larsen Standard-Examiner September 26th, 2016   The Weber-Morgan Health Board unanimously approved a new diesel emissions testing program Monday afternoon. The measure is meant to help improve air quality in Weber County, particularly during winter inversions and summer ozone events. The testing was unanimously approved by the 10 board…

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Poll: What Do Utahns Want Lawmakers to Do About Air Pollution?

Bryan Schott January 28 2016 Utahns want lawmakers to pony up for transit passes and clean energy tax credits to help improve air quality in the state. A new survey conducted by Dan Jones and Associates asked respondents what measures they would like lawmakers to take to reduce…

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NEWS: Lowering emissions will help improve Utah’s economy

By Melissa Allison Utah Public Radio November 5, 2015   A recent Envision Utah survey showed air quality to be among the top three concerns for Utahns. Paul Murphy is the spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power and said lowering emissions will improve Utah’s economy.

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News: Utah’s Power Plants Are Threatening the Ski Industry

Pro skier Angel Collinson lays out how the state’s refusal to obey federal clean air standards is costing athletes, businesses, and visitors

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NEWS: Environmental Groups: Cut More Pollution from Industry

By Judy Fahys KUER 90.1 Oct. 8, 2015 Environmental groups have ideas for regulators about cutting the industrial emissions that contribute to Utah’s winter pollution. The Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, HEAL Utah and Western Resource Advocates say air pollution harms quality of life in Utah too much of…

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NEWS: Clean Air Activists Propose New Rules For ‘Industrial Polluters’

By Rick Aaron ABC4 Utah News Oct. 7, 2015 SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah News) – It was a meeting to clear the air – literally. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Utah Air Quality Board, representatives of the groups Heal Utah, Western Resource Advocates and Utah Physicians for a Healthy…

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NEWS: Advocacy groups propose new clean air rules

FILE – This Jan. 4, 2013, file photo, shows the haze from an inversion hanging over downtown Salt Lake City. A trio of clean air advocacy organizations is pushing the Utah Air Quality Board to adopt rules aimed at improving the Wasatch Front’s pollution problem. The rules would boost monitoring…

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Press Release: Tougher Industrial Rules Proposed to Clean Up Utah’s Air. Groups: ‘ We want to see everyone do their part, including big industry.’

Salt Lake City (UT) – Utahns could see cleaner air and more protections for public health in the coming years if the state adopts several new rules, proposed today, for some of the state’s biggest industrial polluters, say clean air advocates. The four new rules, formally presented today to Utah’s…

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NEWS: What would it take to clean up our air?

FOX 13 News and the Utah Foundation are partners in a series of reports asking “What would it take” to solve Utah’s biggest challenges? This is the first of those reports.

SALT LAKE CITY — What would it take to clean up Utah’s air completely?

“The way we do that is everybody has to leave,” said Research Director of the Utah Foundation, Shawn Teigen.

And if we want to stay?

“Every once in a while, people say we should cut down the mountains or install big fans,” said Kerry Kelly, Associate Director of the University of Utah’s Program for Air Quality, Health and Society. Continue reading

NEWS: Utah guv’s clean air advisers recommend cleaner-running cars, gas

Brian Maffly Salt Lake Tribune October 1, 2014 Pollution » Clean Air Action Team also targets water heaters, responsible for half a home’s emissions. Drastically cutting the emissions that ruin the Wasatch Front’s wintertime air quality should be a pain-free cinch, but only after Utahns start driving cleaner-burning automobiles using…

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