NEWS: Utah’s air pollution woes unlikely to clear up before 2024, state scientists say

Emma Penrod Salt Lake Tribune January 5, 2018 Even with tougher pollution standards in place, it could be many years before all Utahns are guaranteed clean, healthy air. Scientists working for the state Division of Air Quality say they haven’t yet been able to develop an effective pollution-control plan that…

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Op-ed: Thank EPA, not Utah delegation, for what progress has been made

Matt Pacenza June 9, 2016 The Salt Lake Tribune Utah’s congressional delegation fervently embraces an unchallenged notion: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is an agency that’s terrible for the state, strangling business and blocking progress. But here’s the truth: If you care about the health of our families and communities,…

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NEWS: What would it take to clean up our air?

FOX 13 News and the Utah Foundation are partners in a series of reports asking “What would it take” to solve Utah’s biggest challenges? This is the first of those reports.

SALT LAKE CITY — What would it take to clean up Utah’s air completely?

“The way we do that is everybody has to leave,” said Research Director of the Utah Foundation, Shawn Teigen.

And if we want to stay?

“Every once in a while, people say we should cut down the mountains or install big fans,” said Kerry Kelly, Associate Director of the University of Utah’s Program for Air Quality, Health and Society. Continue reading

OP-ED: The beams and motes of getting healthier air in Utah

Deseret News Drew Clark Sunday, February 1, 2015 When it comes to better air quality along the Wasatch Front, there is a lot of beholding of motes in the eyes of neighbors, and very little considering of the beams in our own. The biggest problem, in other words, aren’t smokestacks…

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NEWS: Utah lawmakers unveil $28 million in air quality proposals

Deseret News Dennis Romboy Thursday, January 29. 2015 SALT LAKE CITY — State lawmakers unveiled two dozen air quality proposals Thursday, including a bill to spend $20 million replacing aging school buses with clean-fuel buses. Measures ranging from buying transit passes for state workers to Utah-specific research to identify and…

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OPINION: Trib Talk: What will it take to speed up Tier 3 standards?

Jennifer Napier-Pierce October 29, 2014 Salt Lake Tribune Using low-sulfur gas could clean up vehicle emissions by up to 11 percent, but local refineries say making the cleaner fuel isn’t easy or cheap. Should the state intervene? On Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., Alan Matheson, the governor’s environmental adviser, and HEAL…

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NEWS: Herbert’s clean air team: Move to clean fuels for cars immediately

Amy Joi O’Donoghue Deseret News October 1, 2014 SALT LAKE CITY — Making low sulfur fuel immediately available for Utah motorists plus reducing wood burning during inversions will make the biggest dent in the Wasatch Front’s nagging air pollution problem.

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NEWS: Utah guv’s clean air advisers recommend cleaner-running cars, gas

Brian Maffly Salt Lake Tribune October 1, 2014 Pollution » Clean Air Action Team also targets water heaters, responsible for half a home’s emissions. Drastically cutting the emissions that ruin the Wasatch Front’s wintertime air quality should be a pain-free cinch, but only after Utahns start driving cleaner-burning automobiles using…

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