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2019 Legislative Bill Tracker

HEAL Issue AreaBill NumberBill NameSponsorDescriptionStanceStatus
Clean AirHB0098Freight Switcher Emissions MitigationRep. Stephen HandyCreates procedures and terms for grants issued for the reduction of freight switcher locomotive emissions and requests $2 million to help repower existing switcher engines in the non-attainment areas.SupportSenate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
Clean AirHCR003Concurrent Resolution Urging the Environmental Protection Agency to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission StandardsRep. Stephen HandyUrges the EPA to develop and make more stringent emission standards for switcher locomotives.SupportSenate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
Energy and ClimateHCR002Concurrent Resolution Supporting Renewable and Sustainable Energy Options to Promote Rural Economic DevelopmentRep. Patrice ArentPromotes the continued and increased development of renewable energy in rural areas of Utah.SupportDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
Clean AirHB0148Vehicle Idling RevisionsRep. Patrice ArentStrikes language that limits the ability of municipalities to enforce anti-idling ordinances.SupportSenate/ received from House
Clean AirHB0139Motor Vehicle Emissions AmendmentsRep. Angela RomeroTampering with a car's engine in order to spew stacks of black smoke on demand (known as "rolling coal," this is a trend that releases excessive vehicle emissions) is illegal. This bill would increase the penalties and improve the reporting system for those who tamper with engines to "roll coal."SupportHouse/ 2nd reading
Energy and ClimateSB0146Sales Tax Exemption RevisionsSen. Derek KitchenGives a sales tax exemption for residential, commercial, and utility-scale energy storage SupportSenate/ to standing committee
Radioactive WasteHB0220Radioactive Waste AmendmentsRep. Carl AlbrechtAllows exceptions to the current ban on the disposal of Class B and C radioactive waste in Utah to be made by the Director of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control. OpposeLFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor
Senate 2nd Reading Calendar
Clean AirHCR011Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 GasolineRep. Suzanne HarrisonEncourages the purchase of Tier 3 gasoline by both retailers and consumers.SupportSenate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
Energy and ClimateSB0111Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program ActSen. Lincoln FillmoreCreates a $5 million grant program for a person, company, research organization, or other for the development or deployment of energy storage in Utah.SupportSenate/ to House
LFA/ fiscal note publicly available
Energy and ClimateHB0218Construction Code ModificationsRep. Mike SchultzMakes amendments to the residential building code to improve energy efficiency in newly-built homes, and adopts the 2018 commercial construction code.NeutralSenate/ received from House
Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
Clean AirSB0144Environmental Quality Monitoring AmendmentsSen. Luz EscamillaRequires the creation of a data baseline in the Utah Inland Port Authority area in order to track the inland port's environmental impact. SupportSenate Comm - Favorable Recommendation
Energy and ClimateHCR005Concurrent Resolution Urging Policies That Reduce Damage from WildfiresRep. Raymond WardUrges the pursuit of common sense policies to improve forest management practices in order to mitigate climate change's impacts on wildfires and help improve our air quality. SupportHouse/ 2nd reading
Clean AirHB0353Reduction of Single Occupancy Vehicle Trips Pilot ProgramRep. Joel BriscoeCreates a 3-year pilot program to fund 15-20 days of free transit fares throughout the UTA service area during the winter inversion season. Includes data collection and reporting to the legislature on transit ridership and vehicles on the road.SupportHouse/ 1st reading (Introduced)
LFA/ fiscal note publicly available
Clean AirHB0288Critical Infrastructure MaterialsRep. Logan WildeAllows gravel pits and mines to be classified as “critical infrastructure”, and affects the ability of local communities to weigh in on any expansion or changes to operations of these facilities.OpposeHouse Comm - Held
LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor

2019 Air Quality Appropriations

The Governor proposed $100 million for one-time air quality projects in order to reduce emissions by 25% by 2026. This money will be allocated in the form of appropriations, which are funding requests to support a proposed program. Appropriations are debated on throughout the session within appropriation committees and try to make their way to the final budget.
StrategyDescriptionFunding Request
Free Transit on Mandatory Action DaysFunds 17 days of free transit ridership on mandatory action days.$1,200,000
Wood Stove ConversionProvides a 70% match for the cost of replacing wood stoves and fireplaces.$14,000,000
Freight Switcher Locomotive RepowerProvides a 35% state match for the total cost of switch locomotive repowers.$2,100,000
WeatherizationAssists with weatherization to reduce energy bills and NOX emissions.$1,500,000
Air Quality Solution InnovationFunds air quality innovation incentives.$1,500,000
Yard Equipment ExchangeProvides an 80% match for replacing gasoline-powered yard equipment with comparable electric models.$3,710,000
On-road Heavy-duty ReplacementProvides a 50% match for private sector and non-State public sector heavy-duty vehicle replacements.$15,000,000
Private Electric Vehicle ChargersProvides a 50% match for the installed cost of electric vehicle chargers at workplaces and businesses.$4,990,000
Vehicle Replacement AssistanceProvides a 50% match to federally-funded income-based incentives to assist those with Tier 0 and Tier 1 vehicles that fail emissions tests to purchase a newer, cleaner vehicle.$6,500,000
Air Quality Messaging CampaignsProvides additional funding for air quality messaging campaigns.$1,000,000
Increase U-Save Revolving FundEstablishes revolving loan funding for building energy efficiency improvements, including associated NOx reductions at schools.$10,000,000
State Electric Vehicle ChargersProvides funding for electric vehicle charging stations at State facilities.$5,830,000
State Vehicle Replacement (Pre-2007)Replaces pre-2007 state-owned lightweight and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as UDOT snowplows.$26,500,000
Tier 2 - Tier 4 Generators Upgrades four Tier 2 backup diesel generators to Tier 4 standards.$1,620,000
Accountable TeleworkRetrofits buildings to accommodate communication requirements to allow State employees to telework.$6,050,000
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