The Great Salt Lake: An Update on Current Levels, Ongoing Challenges, and Our Next Steps

Explore the Great Salt Lake’s ecological significance and the challenges it faces in our latest blog post, ‘The Great Salt Lake: An Update on Current Levels, Ongoing Challenges, and Our Next Steps.’ Discover how low water levels due to drought, overuse, and climate change threaten its ecosystems and communities. Stay informed about current water levels and the urgent need for conservation efforts. Explore the role of policy changes and collaborative initiatives, including HEAL Utah’s legislative impact. Address environmental justice concerns and community-driven efforts to protect the lake.

Empowering Change: A Summer of Impact with Naphtali Garcia Arana, Our Community Outreach Intern

Community engagement and activism play a vital role in shaping the future of our environment and society. One remarkable individual who has truly exemplified the power of grassroots efforts and community involvement is Naphtali Garcia Arana, a dedicated community outreach intern at HEAL Utah

Expanding RECA: Providing Justice and Support for Victims of Nuclear Testing

A recent article published by the New York Times highlights a study that contains startling revelations about the widespread reach of radioactive fallout from nuclear testing in the southwest starting in the 1940s. The study highlighted in the article, titled “Trinity Nuclear Test’s Fallout Reached 46 States, Canada, and Mexico,” sheds light on the far-reaching consequences of these tests, including their impact on Utah. As advocates for health and environmental justice, HEAL Utah is calling for the expansion and extension of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to provide much-needed compensation and support for the victims of nuclear testing, particularly in Utah.

The Role of Solar Power in Improving Air Quality in Utah

Discover how solar power is transforming Utah’s air quality and energy landscape. Despite challenges, Utah’s commitment to solar energy shines bright. With impressive solar power generation, innovative community projects, and a drive for grid integration, Utah is leading the way towards cleaner air and a greener future. Learn how solar power reduces reliance on fossil fuels, charges electric vehicles, and supports grid stability. Explore the environmental considerations and equity aspects of solar energy adoption. Take action to strengthen Utah’s solar plan, ensuring a more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.

Utah’s Scorching Heat: A Harsh Reality of Climate Change and Its Impact on Vulnerable Communities​

It’s getting increasingly hot in Utah and the environmental impacts are real. Heat waves, poor air quality, water scarcity, and changes to the ecosystem are all putting populations most vulnerable – the elderly, children, and low-income families – at greater risk. Let’s all work together to protect our environment in order to keep our communities safe!

Understanding Utah’s Air Quality: The Impact of Ozone Pollution

Did you know Utah experiences air pollution in both summer and winter? Winter air quality in the northern valleys is among the worst in the nation. In summer, ozone pollution is especially hurting air quality, causing all kinds of health issues such as difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, headaches, and coughing, not to mention long-term issues such as chronic respiratory illness and increased risk of infection. If you’re in Utah, read our latest blog post to learn more about this invisible pollution, precautions you can take, and how to take action.

Lo que conseguimos juntos en 2022

Juntos sabemos el impacto que nuestros esfuerzos colectivos tienen en nuestra comunidad local, en el gran estado de Utah y en la nación en su conjunto. Por lo tanto, es imperativo que reflexionemos sobre todo el trabajo duro que nuestros muchos voluntarios dedicados, grupos de presión decididos y generosos donantes contribuyeron a nuestros numerosos esfuerzos este año pasado.

Recapitulación legislativa 2023

El viernes 3 de marzo, la Sesión Legislativa de Utah 2023 terminó oficialmente con un récord de 1.400 solicitudes de proyectos de ley, 933 proyectos de ley presentados y 575 proyectos de ley aprobados. Durante estos 45 días de ritmo rápido, temas como la salud, la educación, e incluso la actualización de la bandera del estado de Utah ganaron especial atención de los habitantes de Utah.

Aquí tienes un poco sobre los becarios de este año y su increíble trabajo.

Celebración de los logros comunitarios durante la sesión legislativa de 2023.

En los últimos meses hemos mencionado varias veces el cabildeo comunitario. Ahora que la sesión ha terminado oficialmente, es un buen momento para contarle un poco más acerca de este programa, su impacto durante la sesión de este año, y por qué HEAL piensa que es tan importante.

Aquí tienes un poco sobre los becarios de este año y su increíble trabajo.