¡Gracias por ayudarnos a crecer!

¡Gracias por ayudarnos a crecer!

THank you for helping us grow!

Since 1999, HEAL has had a record addressing serious environmental and public health issues in local communities and on a statewide level. Our staff and board are subject matter experts on issues related to the environment and public health. In that time, we have consistently developed our capacity to bring our programs and campaigns to communities throughout the state. From statewide to hyperlocal campaigns, we have a demonstrated track record of success.

FAIR Founder (later to become HEAL Utah), Chip Ward 

Each time, we’ve done so strategically and with conviction and principle. We’re committed to doing everything we can to protect Utahns from threats to their health resulting from short-sighted environmental policies.
As you may have seen, HEAL has recently been chosen to receive a $120,000 grant to expand our capacity to work on critical environmental issues in Utah over the next three years, and we are excited to say that We reached our Capacity Campaign fundraising goal!!!

HEAL Staff, Interns, and volunteers at our beer garden fundraising event. 

We will now receive the full match from AHE/CI foundation (120K) and plan to quickly move forward with the expansion of HEAL’s activity, including

Bringing on a third policy associate (see below) to expand our work on oil and gas extraction policies in the Uintah Basin and uranium issues in southeastern Utah.

We will have access to more legal and technical consultation in analyzing and, where appropriate, challenging air quality, energy, climate, and waste disposal regulatory processes and decisions.

We will be able to more effectively disseminate accurate information about environmental risks and policies to the public through paid digital messaging.

Since we succeeded, the AHE/CI foundation is offering a SECOND matching campaign. They’ve challenged us to raise another $60,000, and donations to this campaign will be matched 2:1!

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Thank you for the support!