HEAL Utah Podcast

Welcome to the HEAL Utah Podcast: conversations about politics, culture, economics, and everything in between through an environmental lens.

Join us as we sit down with activists, authors, academics, and athletes – and that’s just the “a” list – to discuss a range of issues that are related to environmental advocacy in Utah, the nation and the world. Whether you’re a sustainability-newbie or a grassroots-veteran, the HEAL Utah Podcast asks the questions you’ve been thinking about and is guaranteed to help you expand your environmental horizon.

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Episode 113: Change Starts with Community Conversations with Lara Jones and Billy Palmer

Episode 112: Discovering Climate Change and the Universe with Thomas Quayle

Episode 111: A Disaster for Utah with Jessica Reimer

Episode 110: Talking With, Not Down to, Each Other with Representative Angela Romero

Episode 109: Being a Doctor & Environmentalist Just Makes Sense with Scott Williams

Episode 108: Empowering Utah’s “inconvenient youth” with Piper Christian

Episode 107: Climate change, global markets, and being president of the world with Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

Episode 106: The simply complex issues in environmental journalism with Emma Penrod 

Episode 105: When a bill isn’t dead yet with Representative Rebecca Edwards



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