Welcome, JD!

Introducing HEAL Utah's Newest Team Member: Juan-David Rouillard (JD) - Our New Development Director

At HEAL Utah, we’re committed to protecting our environment and its people and are always eager to welcome new talent to our team. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Juan-David Rouillard, JD, as our Development Director.

JD’s background is a unique blend of Environmental Science and Music, reflecting his diverse interests that align perfectly with HEAL Utah’s mission. With experience ranging from the Great Salt Lake Institute to a career in music, real estate, and software sales, JD brings adaptability and a wealth of experiences to his new role.

Born between San Diego and Tijuana, JD made Utah his home at 17. He’s dedicated his life to environmental work, conducting vital research and advocating for policies to combat water and air pollution.

Beyond environmental advocacy, JD loves snowboarding, fly fishing, surfing, mountain biking, cooking, and writing music.


As our new Development Director, JD will play a pivotal role in securing the resources needed for HEAL Utah’s growth and impact. His passion, diverse skill set, and experiences make him an ideal leader for our development efforts.


Connect with JD at JD@healutah.org. Join us in welcoming JD as our new Development Director, and let’s continue our mission of protecting Utah’s environment and advocating for environmental justice together.


Welcome, JD! We look forward to your contributions to HEAL Utah’s future.

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