Meet The Team: Jordan Stein

Meet the Team

Jordan Stein 

If you have ever wondered who’s behind the scenes keeping HEAL  organized and functional, then we would like to introduce you to our Office Manager, Jordan Stein!

Family Centered Action.

Jordan has been with HEAL since 2018 and is coming up to her 5-year anniversary as our behind-the-scenes hero.

Growing up in Park City, Jordan got to experience the beauty of Utah’s mountains and the outdoors on a daily basis. This exposure to the outdoors made her realize early on the importance of protecting our environment and made her question what role she could play in protecting our health and environment. She has enjoyed working with various passionate and dedicated people in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years and looks forward to continuing her work in the environmental movement.

Being a mother of two, Jordan is passionate about finding pathways to protect our air quality. She wants to ensure her children have the same opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Utah’s outdoors as she once did. Jordan especially takes air quality issues seriously when she hears that her children have had days where they couldn’t go out for recess due to high pollution levels.

Over the coming months, she is looking forward to a bit of downtime after a busy but exciting summer. Spending some good quality time with her “tinies” and hoping for more snow and less bad air days.