Meet The Team: Kenna Patiño

Meet The Team!

Kenna Patiño

Whether out at community events or up on the Hill, there is a chance you have knocked into our Community & Engagement Manager Kenna Patiño.

Community Centered.

Kenna has been with HEAL for a year, working on educating and activating Utahns throughout the state on all of our campaigns.

She has a background in actively engaging within her community but didn’t know the specifics of climate change and its immediate effects on people and the planet until later in her undergraduate career when she gained more knowledge on the matter. Her background of not understanding the specifics of climate change due to a lack of knowledge and resources is why she strongly believes that resource sharing and engagement go hand-in-hand.

She is excited about HEAL’s Environmental Justice Grant titled “Combating East-West Disparities in Air Pollution Exposure Through Civic Engagement.” The project collaborates with SL County, U of U, and UTA. It is the first-of-its-kind air pollution mapping system using monitors on electric buses. She is most excited about this project because of the partnerships we look forward to creating and the real-time data actively looking at the disproportionate effects of air pollution in the Salt Lake Valley.

Over the coming months, she is looking forward to HEAL’s Community Advocacy Events with some amazing partners. She is also looking forward to recruiting for our legislative intern and prepping for our legislative preview events.