Merch Philosophy

Our Merch Philosophy


From printing our shirts on thrifted t-shirts to creating our stickers on compostable materials, our team looks at different options to ensure sustainability in the production and distribution of our merch.


We know that sustainable and environmentally friendly merch is priced at higher rates, which builds barriers to individuals trying to escape the world of fast fashion. This is why HEAL Utah prices our merch at different donation levels to break down those barriers.


We believe in collaboration and building community. HEAL collaborates with diverse local businesses, artists, and creatives to showcase the talent of Utah and use art as a way to spark action on environmental policy.

HEAL Thrift Tee

Our team thrifted our t-shirts locally and printed them at local county libraries with volunteers and staff. We did not use any new dyes and have a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Designs were created by local artists passionate about the environment and about our mission to ensure good environmental health policy in Utah.

No two shirts are the same.

Compostable Stickers

Our stickers are printed on material that is made up of 95% sugarcane byproduct, called bagasse, and 5% hemp & linen. Forests worldwide are being lost, so it is crucial to find alternative materials to virgin wood-derived pulp. Using sugarcane byproducts means less printing on plastic and other materials that take many lifetimes to biodegrade.

HEAL Utah partners with local businesses, artists, and creatives to design our stickers. HEAL 100% believes in paying artists for their time and talent.

Our stickers won’t last forever, and that’s okay!

Printed Materials. 

This includes our pamphlets, posters, and postcards. We are true believers in QR codes but understand that not everyone can access resources digitally, so we are committed to printing on recycled materials in small quantities. 

Looking to collaborate with HEAL? Contact us at:

 * Please note we are a small staff and it may take us a few days to get back to you. *