HEAL 2022 Merch

HEAL 2022 Merch

Now that we have survived the Utah legislative session and are fully out of hibernation, we can’t wait to reconnect with you! During Spring and Summer, our team goes into outreach mode where we connect with all of our amazing followers (like you)  via tabling opportunities at festivals, markets, and community events. You can learn about our campaigns, fill out action alerts, sign up for lobbying opportunities and check out our merch! 

This is our first year launching our new line of HEAL Merch, and we are excited for you to see it! You can learn more about the process we take to ensure sustainability, equity, and community through this line here.

Durga Ekambaram

Durga Ekambaram is an artist here in Utah who loves to express her ethnicity and culture through art. Her work includes drawing, painting, sketching, mixed media, murals, and chalk art. She believes that working on different mediums challenges and liberates her. She feels that creativity is a parallel universe, where expressions cannot be contained by hurdles of the real world.
 Durga designed our 2022 HEAL thrift Tee. Make sure to follow more of her work by visiting her Instagram page @strokes_durga

Bonny Steele

Bonny Steele is a graphic designer located in Sandy Utah. Since 2020 she has been designing stickers inspired by nature and all that makes her happy. She loves enjoying the outdoors through hiking camping, mountain biking, and paddle boarding with her husband and 3 children.  

She has been passionate about the environment ever since she was a child and remembers being interested in plants, trees, and recycling from a young age. As a lover of nature and the land designing for HEAL Utah felt like a perfect fit! Bonny Designed one of our 2022 Compostable stickers.

You can find her stickers online at calicodesignco.com and at local markets around Utah and by following her Instagram @calicodesignco

Greg Tuthill

Greg Tuthill is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Portland, OR. He specializes in branding and illustration. He has a great appreciation of the outdoors whether he’s flyfishing, hiking, or just letting the dog out, and it often shows itself in his work. Supporting non-profits as a volunteer designer is incredibly important to him and he tries to fit in time for environmentally conscious and equitable organizations wherever possible. When Greg is not working, you can find him hanging out riverside, sitting by the fireplace listening to a record, or conducting culinary experiments in the kitchen. Greg designed our 2022 Clean Energy poster. 

You can find more of his work by visiting gregtuthill.design/ and following his Instagram @gregtut