NEWS: Advocates growing impatient as Utah’s new plan for cleaner air falls behind schedule

 Salt Lake Tribune
August 25, 2017

State officials have notified the Environmental Protection Agency that Utah is likely to miss yet another air-quality deadline, leading some clean-air advocates to criticize regulators for a lack of action.

Utah’s latest plan for reducing spikes of small-particulate pollution over the Wasatch Front was due to the EPA in December. But at this point, state officials say it’s unlikely they can meet that deadline and still provide adequate opportunity for public comment.

Because it has missed prior air-quality deadlines, the state is required to draft a new plan for dealing with particulate pollution, known as PM 2.5 which builds up during temperature inversions in the winter. Utah was classified as a “serious” nonattainment area earlier this year because the state did not meet a 2015 deadline for reaching federal pollution standards.

But the state Division of Air Quality’s efforts to draft the new plan is now behind schedule, said division director Bryce Bird.

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