NEWS: Citizen Revolt: Air Quality Talk

Katharine Biele
City Weekly
February 14th, 2018

Air Quality Talk
For all the speakers at Utah Foundation’sPractical Solutions to Utah’s Air Quality Problems, it’s interesting that the most outspoken critic is absent. You’ll hear Dr. Kerry Kelly, associate professor of chemical engineering at the University of Utah and chair of Utah’s Air Quality Board; Bryce Bird, executive director of the Utah Division of Air Quality; Jessica Reimer of HEAL Utah; and even Lee Peacock from the Utah Petroleum Association. But you won’t hear from petroleum’s harshest critic—Brian Moench of Utah Physicians for Healthy Environment.While you hear about what’s being done, what you could do and the challenges ahead for breathing in Utah, you might ask the panel where Moench is in the debate. Disclaimer: This is, for now, a conspiracy theory.

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