NEWS: Clean Air Caucus rolls out top legislative priorities

ABC4 Utah
By Glen Mills
Published February 02, 2017


Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – This week many Utahns have been dealing with the most unhealthy air in the country, and that was a big focus on Capitol Hill Thursday.

The bipartisan Clean Air Caucus rolled out its agenda for the session. The plan is to take small steps to help clean up our dirty air.

One look outside and it’s clear, the air is anything but.

“It’s my understanding our air quality in Salt Lake City and Provo was the worst in the nation over the last two days. That’s not always the case, but right now this is not healthy,” said Representative Patrice Arent, (D) Salt Lake City.

As a medical doctor, Senator Brian Shiozawa sees the consequences from the front lines.

“We see so much in the way of increased respiratory illness, in terms of exacerbation of bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, those who have COPD, these people are at high risk,” said Shiozawa, (R) Salt Lake City.

That’s in part why Arent formed the caucus nearly four years ago.

It brings republicans and democrats together for a common cause.

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