NEWS: Clean-Air Groups Say Two Bills Should Get The Veto Pen

By: Whittney Evans
February 27, 2017

Clean-air advocates called on Utah Governor Gary Herbert Monday to veto two bills they say would negatively impact air quality in the state.

Leaders of HEAL Utah, Utah Moms for Clean Air and Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment are worried about the implications of House Bill 11 and House Bill 65. Both have passed the full legislature this year and await the governor’s signature.

House Bill 65 would remove the authority of the Division of Air Quality to impose future regulations on the burning of wood or coal if the purpose of the burn is to cook food. Supporters of the bill say it only clarifies existing rules, but Denni Cawley, executive director of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment says it usurps the DAQ’s ability to make future judgment calls based on evidence and data.

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