NEWS: Clean Air Now: Business leaders demand Guv take action on air pollution.

by Dylan Woolf Harris
City Weekly
August 29, 2017

While consulting with local businesses, Leaders for Clean Air representative Erin Strahm hears a similar, dismal refrain from those who have trouble luring new employees to the state. It goes like this: Recruitment becomes exponentially more challenging when companies are forced to sell Utah as a great place to reside—despite the polluted air that on the worst days hangs in full view like an ashen cloth across the Wasatch Mountains.

“People don’t want to move here because of the air quality issue,” she said. “It’s a major factor in quality of life, and it’s a major factor when people are looking at jobs, when you’re trying to attract that young talent, attract people to your business.”

Leaders for Clean Air is a nonprofit that provides electric vehicle charging stations and support companies in the implementation of clean air practices.

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