NEWS: Environmentalists: Coal ash landfill near Price must be moved

Salt Lake Tribune
By: Emma Penrod
Published January 23, 2017


Three environmental groups have joined forces to call for Rocky Mountain Power to relocate a landfill which released more than 2,000 cubic yards of coal ash into the Price River last summer.

The Sierra Club, HEAL Utah, and Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment believe the landfill must be moved farther from the river to prevent future spills and protect communities downstream.

“Coal ash has some troubling components to it,” said Matt Pacenza, executive director of HEAL Utah, “and we think piling it in a box canyon right next to a river doesn’t adequately protect the health of nearby communities.”

Rocky Mountain Power has agreed to pay the state just over $15,000 in penalties for the Aug. 4 spill, which washed an estimated 13.9 pounds of arsenic and 53.9 pounds of lead into the Price River in Panther Canyon during a flash flood.

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