NEWS: In the past 10 days, twice as many Utahns signed up for solar panels every day than usually do in a month

Emma Penrod
Salt Lake Tribune

More than 4,000 Utahns signed up to install solar panels in the 10 days before Tuesday’s deadline, becoming the last residents who will get credit under Rocky Mountain Power’s current — and more generous — terms for excess electricity delivered to its grid.

More than 3,000 of the roughly 4,300 applications were filed in the final four days.

The utility’s net metering program reduces residents’ power bills by one kilowatt hour for each kilowatt hour they generate. For customers who missed this week’s deadline and sign up in coming years, it’s moving to a new paradigm in which credits will be offered in dollar amounts — 9.2 cents per kilowatt hour through 2032.

It currently charges about 10 cents per kilowatt hour, so the new credits will be worth slightly less than those awarded under the old system.



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