NEWS: Kennecott to decommission 3 of 4 Magna coal-fired power units

Emma Penrod
The Salt Lake Tribune
October 27, 2016


Rio Tinto Kennecott will shut down three of its four coal-fired power-generation units in Magna after closing a deal to purchase power from Rocky Mountain Power.

Kyle Bennett, a spokesman for Kennecott, said the deal will eliminate 3,500 tons of particulates — and the pollutants that contribute to the formation of particulates during inversions — from the company’s power-generation operation in Magna.

All three units were slated for closure before the Jan. 1, 2018, deadline required by the state’s small-particulate implementation plan, Bennett said. Closing this deal with Rocky Mountain Power ensures that Kennecott will have a reliable supply of power and enabled the company to beat that deadline by a year.

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