NEWS: A move in the right direction

By Annie Knox
City Weekly
Published on February 4, 2017


A clean-air proposal with support from the governor is taking aim at a largely unchecked pollutant in northern Utah: diesel fumes.

The measure seeks to require emissions tests for cars and trucks that take diesel fuel, and it would apply only to counties with existing testing programs, says sponsor Rep. Patrice Arent, D-Salt Lake City. It would will be a big change for Utah County, which to date hasn’t required the testing for diesel vehicles.

About a dozen people, mostly air quality advocates and local representatives from northern Utah health agencies, told a legislative panel Friday the bill is a smart, low-cost move. The House Transportation Committee voted unanimously to pass the proposal on to the full House.

Ashley Soltysiak, policy director for HEAL Utah, told the panel that of all the factors contributing to poor air, “we think this is one of the major ones we can improve upon.”

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