News: Power Plant Is Using A Fake Farm To Avoid The Clean Water Act, Groups Allege

Natasha Geiling
Think Progress
March 24, 2016

A coalition of environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against PacifiCorp, one of the western United States’ leading energy providers, alleging that the company has been improperly disposing of toxic coal ash waste for decades. The lawsuit alleges a slew of pollution violations related to the Clean Water Act, including accusing the company of using a research farm next to a power plant to dispose of waste-tainted water via irrigation.

The lawsuit comes months after environmental groups raised initial red flags about the Huntington Power Plant, about 110 miles south east of Salt Lake City, Utah. In October, HEAL Utah and the Sierra Club — the two plaintiffs in the current lawsuit — filed a Notice of Intent to Sue, hoping to spur the Huntington plant to clean up its pollution issues.

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