NEWS: Provo mayor plans to veto solar power fee


Provo Mayor John Curtis says he intends to veto a controversial fee the Municipal Council last week approved imposing on electrical customers who have installed solar panels on their homes.

The $3-per-kilowatt Solar Generation Capacity Charge amounts to an $18 monthly surcharge on a typical solar array, which proponents say is needed to ensure “net-metered” customers pay their share of the electrical grid’s many fixed costs.

But Curtis contends the fee — approved Oct. 4 on a 4-3 vote — sends the wrong message, one that could discourage residential use of solar, and needs additional work.

“It has been a difficult decision because the council was well-intentioned,” Curtis said Tuesday. “It cast an aspersion on the way Provo views solar and early adopters. Those people who make that early investment paved the way for the rest of us to follow at a reduced price. We need people to continue to invest in solar.”

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