NEWS: Rocky Mountain Power could charge solar households more through new rate calculation proposal

By The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published Nov 09 2016 06:27PM

Solar industry leaders and advocates are gearing up to fight Rocky Mountain Power’s latest proposal — a new methodology for calculating, and raising, net-metering customers’ electric bills.

Under the new rate schedule, a typical net-metering customer — who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours per month, half generated by solar panels — would pay $74 a month, according to Rocky Mountain Power, up from the current average bill of $55 a month.

A customer without solar panels who uses the same amount of power currently pays an average monthly bill of $114, according to the utility.

The proposal, which the utility filed with the Utah Public Service Commission on Wednesday, would apply only to households with rooftop solar installations. These net-metering customers would pay a $15 service charge or base rate, as well as 3.81 cents per kilowatt hour of all electricity used.

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