NEWS: Rocky Mountain Power plans major wind turbine expansion

Salt Lake Tribune
By: Emma Penrod
Published 4/4/2017


Wyoming wind will be powering more Utah homes by 2021, Rocky Mountain Power announced Tuesday.

The state’s largest provider of electricity said it plans to build a $3.5 billion wind generation and transmission project in southwestern Wyoming over the next three years. The 1,100 megawatt facility will increase the utility’s total generation capacity by 10 percent, company officials said.

Construction of the roughly 440 wind turbines will be accompanied by a 140-mile transmission line to be built between the Jim Bridger power plant in southwestern Wyoming and Medicine Bow, Wyoming, connecting the turbine array to the company’s greater electrical network.

Rocky Mountain Power company spokesman David Eskelsen said that although the company will not immediately need the additional wind capacity, it has chosen to build the project now to take advantage of federal tax credits that only apply to wind projects built before 2020.

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