NEWS: Rocky Mountain Power proposes new fees on new rooftop solar customers

Published 11/09 2016 06:43PM

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Rocky Mountain power is proposing new rates for customers who want to generate their own power. The power company claims the new fees will ensure solar customers pay their fair share, but the solar industry and clean energy advocates say this is really about killing the competition.

Two years ago Rocky Mountain Power wanted to increase fees on solar customers by about $5 a month. Clean energy advocates rallied hard against the utilities request and the Utah Public Service Commission ultimately voted it down finding the $5 fee wasn’t “just and reasonable” as required by state law.

Now Rocky Mountain Power is back with a new plan and it nearly quadruples the utilities last request. The new plan asks solar customers to pay a flat $15 a month fee, up from $6 a month. A $9 per kilowatt demand charge, plus an additional energy charge.

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