NEWS: Rocky Mountain Power proposes new rates for rooftop solar customers


Utah’s largest power utility wants to bump up electric rates for those with solar panels, but the change will likely be a tough sell. 

Rocky Mountain Power and other electricity providers throughout the nation have grappled with a surge in rooftop solar customers and how to best diffuse the toll they take on the grid. Around a decade ago, when panels were still relatively expensive to purchase and install, many utilities turned to net metering. That billing system allows solar customers to sell excess power from their panels back to the grid. It also offsets their costs when the sun sets and they have to draw power from the utility again. 

Net metering created an added incentive for customers to install rooftop panels, too, since it brought a return on their investment in a solar system. But dropping price tags for solar panels a rise in solar installations means utilities are now scrambling.

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