NEWS: Salt Lake City debuts on list of ozone-polluted areas

Salt Lake Tribune
By: Emma Penrod
April 18, 2017


Salt Lake City now ranks among the worst U.S. cities for ozone and particulate pollution, a new report says.

The Salt Lake metro area, including Provo and Orem, was the 20th worst city for elevated concentrations of ozone, according to the American Lung Association’s latest State of the Air Report, which ranks and grades cities and counties by the number of days their air is deemed “unhealthy” under standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Based on air quality readings between 2013 and 2015, the ozone ranking is the worst ever received by a Utah city in the report’s history, said Michael Siler, a Midvale resident and Utah representative on a regional board for the American Lung Association.

here were no Utah cities in the national top 25 for ozone last year. Given the effects of ozone exposure, particularly on young people, Siler said he didn’t understand why more Utahns aren’t alarmed about rising levels of the pollutant.

“I don’t know why people aren’t just beside themselves about the air quality,” he said.

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