NEWS: State announces solar net-metering deal

Deseret News

 The state and its largest electric utility have hammered out a preliminary compromise on the future of rooftop solar in Utah.

Gov. Gary Herbert’s office announced the agreement late Monday, following years of debate and an act of the state Legislature.

Under the proposed move, net-metering customers who now are reimbursed for the extra kilowatts they return to Rocky Mountain Power will retain the payments through 2035. The average for homeowners now is 10 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Starting in November, any new customers will receive three years of credits, though at a slightly lesser rate, during a transition period. After that, a new fee structure determined by the state’s Public Service Commission will take effect.

The commission rate still is being hashed out and will be released by 2020, according to a prepared statement from the governor’s office. Solar companies and energy advocates also were involved in the years long negotiations.

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