NEWS: Utah environmental organizations pleased with Oakland coal shipping ban

Associated Press
KUTV 2 News
June 27, 2016

Salt Lake City environmental organizations, like Heal Utah, are pleased with the ban to allow coal shipments through Oakland, California harbors. That recent decision was made by Oakland City Council which puts a stop to Utah’s plan to export their coal across seas.

Michael Shea, Policy Associate for Heal Utah said their organization has been against this idea from the beginning.

“I think it sends a firm message to the developers, to these coal companies, and to Utah state leaders that the people in Oakland don’t want this product coming through their state and their city.”

Oakland city officials unanimously voted to ban the shipment of coal, sidelining a plan to transport Utah coal to Asia through a proposed marine terminal on an old army base.

The proposed terminal is in West Oakland, a historically black neighborhood that’s among the poorest and most polluted in the region.

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