NEWS: Utah lawmakers push to limit summer fireworks after rash of fires and complaints of polluted air and terrified pets

Taylor W. Anderson
Salt Lake Tribune

Lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would nearly cut in half the number of days Utahns can ignite fireworks after cities reported calls from residents afraid of fires, annoyed with noise and upset over air pollution around the state’s two July holidays.

A bill moving through the Legislature would restrict fireworks to two days before and one day after both Independence Day on July 4 and Pioneer Day on July 24. That would be down from three days before the holidays, on the days of and three days after. These longer pyrotechnics periods have been in place since 2012.

Cities under the bill could restrict fireworks in more areas than under current law based on input from fire officials but couldn’t outright ban them. Fireworks retailers would have to list dates and times of legal ignition and limits and maps created by the county when selling to customers.


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