NEWS: Utah Valley holds first Clean Air Rally

The Daily Universe BYU
By: McKenna Park
February 6, 2017


Utah Valley’s first Clean Air Rally on Saturday, Feb. 5, attracted a crowd of citizens concerned with Utah’s poor air quality.

“I just think it’s a super important issue that we should deal with,” said rally attendee Aaron Smith. “Nobody likes to have dirty air, and I think it’s one part of the bigger environmental problem that we have, so if we can help with this, it’s one step closer.”

The rally was held outside Provo’s historic Utah County Courthouse and featured a range of noted speakers whose remarks focused on different ways to improve Utah’s air quality.

“Utah’s inability to solve our air pollution problem — the worst in the nation the last two weeks — is due in large part to our lack of understanding or accepting the truth, the science, the facts,” said the first speaker of the event, Brian Moench, a doctor and Founder of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment.

Moench said the scientific truth of bad air quality is being held hostage by some political leaders and ignored by many others.

“Just like there is no safe number of cigarettes that you can smoke, there is no safe amount of air pollution you can breathe,” Moench said.

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