Deseret News

“We want to know when dust is coming in, where it’s hitting communities, how to install monitors in the best places,” said Alex Veilleux, a policy associate with HEAL Utah.

HEAL plans to lobby lawmakers to do a comprehensive study of dust pollution, including sources beyond the lake. And it’s a concept that might receive support — Cox has requested $160,000 to study the lakebed dust issue.

St George News

With many Southern Utahns partaking in holiday travel and shopping, Valdez told St. George News that they should consider “chaining (their) adventures.”

“So that means that when you need to go grocery shopping, hit up the bank, go see Mom and Dad – try to do those things in one run instead of going to one, going back home and then heading to the others,” she said.

Salt Lake Tribune

Whether you’re a fan of Utah’s so-called Greatest Snow on Earth or not, winter is here, and so are the Wasatch Front’s famous inversions.

Every year almost without fail, we are hit with inversions as we prepare for the busy holiday season. But what are inversions? And what can we do collectively to clean our air?

Fox 13 News

Lexi Tuddenham, the executive director of HEAL Utah, was glad to see the pilot project proposed. Her group has worked with the legislature to fund free fares on days when Utah’s air quality is at its worst.

“Demonstrating the numbers and the air pollution savings that we will certainly see from this year of free fare is an excellent way to move forwards towards cleaning up our air along the Wasatch Front,”