Parley's Canyon Update

Last year, the oil, gas, and mining division received a permit request to allow limestone quarrying and mining operations in Parleys Canyon. This proposed mine would have been 600 acres beneath the northeastern flank of Grandeur Park.

Rendering of the proposed mine from Save Our Canyons.

It is estimated that this mine would use drilling and explosives to extract 2 million tons of crushed rock per year. 

If this proposal were to be approved, the mine would increase traffic emissions, disrupt wildlife use of scarce water resources, and pollute our air with fugitive dust. 

What is Fugitive Dust?

Fugitive dust is pollution that is not emitted from definable point sources, such as industrial smokestacks. Sources include open fields, construction sites, and roadways. Learn more here. 

Where to learn more and take action

Leaders from Save our Canyons and Save Parleys environmental conservation groups have sparked community engagement to prevent the approval of this mine. Learn more about this issue by visiting Save Our Canyons.