Senate Bill 51

Let’s break down a problematic bill that could potentially divert your taxpayer dollars to fossil fuel projects. 

Watch our breakdown below. 

Let’s break it down. 

Before amendments, Senate Bill 51 focused on updating emission standards for vintage vehicles, which HEAL Utah supported at that time. During House Transportation Committee: An amendment was made with new language that would divert taxpayer money to possible fossil-fuel projects.

Why oppose:  We support enabling emissions testing on pre-1980 vehicles but oppose the new amendment that would appropriate money in the “Throughput Infrastructure Fund” for “a highway used primarily for the transportation of hydrocarbons.”

Throughput Infrastructure Fund: The Throughput Infrastructure Fund was created by the legislature in 2016 with $53 million worth of our sales tax dollars with the intention to send extracted resources to the Oakland Coal Port. Money from this fund comes from the Mineral Leasing Act. 

Mineral Leasing Act Royalty dollars from this leasing act are federally mandated to mitigate the impact of fossil fuel development in our communities – not enabling the industry to develop further and degrade these areas.


Contact your lawmakers and tell them to remove the Throughput Infrastructure Fund amendment! 

Come lobby with us!

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