Tell the Governor to VETO SB 57 – Protect Utah’s Air Quality and Wallets!

Tell the Governor to reconsider and VETO SB 57 - Protect Utah's Air Quality and Wallets!

The issue — What is S.B 57?

Senate Bill 57, S.B. 57 Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act, seeks to grant Utah the authority to challenge presidential executive orders or federal regulations that are believed to infringe upon Utah’s sovereignty. This bill could have disastrous consequences for our state, leading to costly litigation and potentially significant delays in vital air quality regulations.

The Financial Cost of Potential Litigation:

If SB 57 becomes law, it would require the federal government to sue Utah for non-compliance with federal laws and regulations, rather than Utah initiating lawsuits against federal laws they disagree with. However, HEAL Utah worries that SB 57 will have the unintended consequence of even more litigation as the courts determine its constitutionality, with taxpayers footing the bill.

The Human Health and Environmental Cost of Delays:

Litigation takes time, and delays in implementing crucial air quality regulations could harm the health of our communities. If SB 57 becomes law, it would further delay the implementation of the Clean Air Act’s “good neighbor” rule, which requires the EPA to address interstate transport of air pollution and set the federal requirements needed to reduce ozone-forming emissions from power plants and industrial facilities that can cross state lines. 

Clean air is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. We cannot continue to postpone necessary measures to protect our communities from air pollution, as the human health, financial, and environmental costs are too high.

Examples of Regulations that Could be Challenged

Along with the EPA’s “good neighbor rule,” SB 57’s attempt to skirt federal regulations could have disastrous implications by attacking the regulations and rules that protect our air quality regulations that protect our communities:

  • Regulations on industrial emissions that impact local air quality.
  • Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to clean energy, 
  • Public lands and National Monuments

Take Action!

We urge you to take immediate action by contacting Governor Cox and urging him to reconsider his decision and VETO SB 57. Your voice can make a difference in protecting our environment, public health, and hard-earned taxpayer dollars.