Week Two Capitol Report: 2023

Capitol Report Week 2

Radon, Idling, Hydrogen, and Clean Energy. 

14 days down, 31 more to go!

During the second week of this year’s legislative session, many environmental bills were discussed and voted on in both the House and Senate committees. 


Our team worked behind the scenes before committee hearings to help lawmakers understand the details of bills and helped community members give public comments voicing their support or concerns.

We want to give a special thank you to this week’s community lobbyists, who sent over 30 emails to their lawmakers. With your help, we were able to push a few good bills closer to the finish line and voice concerns on legislation that would hurt our environment and communities! 

The New

Great Salt Lake

Last week, lawmakers unveiled two new pieces of legislation to help address the drying of the Great Salt Lake. 

  • H.B. 286 would redirect almost $60 million from existing annual sales tax collections in Utah to a fund to restore the Great Salt Lake.

  • S.C.R. 6 would set an official state goal to protect the Great Salt Lake by making the official policy of Utah to raise lake water levels to 4,198 feet in elevation. 


S.B. 125 Transportation Infrastructure Amendments is a bill that would designate the ASPIRE Engineering Research Center at Utah State University as the research center for strategic planning for the electrification of transportation in Utah.

Let’s Talk Money

Last week lawmakers discussed their priorities in allocating funds toward pieces of legislation. 


See their full list of requested funds here

💡TIP: If you want to know how much your legislators care about an issue, follow the money!.

The Good

Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free

  • This week Senate Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Environmental Impact of Vehicle Idling (S.C.R. 2) passed the Senate Transportation committee with 4 yeas, 0 nays, and 4 absent votes. This bill will now be voted on the Senate Floor. Watch the full discussion and a community member’s public comment here. 
  • TAKE ACTION! Contact your SENATOR and encourage them to VOTE YES!

Future Brine Shrimp On Your License Plate?

  • Senate Bill 92 (S.B. 92) GSL Special License Plate passed the Senate Transportation committee with 3 yeas, 1 nay, and 3 absent votes. This bill will now move to the Senate Floor for a vote. Watch the full committee discussion here. 
  • TAKE ACTION! Contact your SENATOR and encourage them to VOTE YES!



The Not-So-Good

Good bill held in committee

  • House Bill 217 (H.B. 217) School Energy and Water Reductions was held in the House Education Committee, you can watch the full discussion here.  Our team supports this bill and is working on ways to help push this forward.
  • TAKE ACTION! Contact the members of the House Education Committee and ask them to support allocating funds to this bil! 


Community funds should go to the community NOT fossil fuels. 

  • Senate Bill 107 (S.B. 107) passed Senate Rev & Tax with 5 yeas, 0 nays and 3 absent votes, you can watch the full discussion here.
  • This bill is a $20 million dollar handout for a fossil fuel project in the Uintah Basin, provided courtesy of the Permanent Community Impact Fund. A fund intended to support communities impacted by the effects of an extraction economy.

TAKE ACTION! Contact your SENATORS and ask them to VOTE NO on S.B. 107.

More movement

  • Senate Bill 118 (S.B. 118) passed Senate Natural Resources committee—this bill addresses incentives to install and maintain water-efficient landscaping.
  • House Bill 44 (H.B 44) passed Senate Transportation Committee—this bill addresses transportation staff funding.
  • Senate Bill 62 (S.B 62) passed the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar—This bill directs the Department of Natural Resources to establish a hydrogen council within the Office of Energy Development which may advise on issues related to hydrogen

Ways to get involved this week!

Join HEAL Utah for a dedicated Rural Utah Day on the Hill on February 2nd! We will be providing training on how to lobby, a breakdown of bills that will affect rural Utah, and information about how to connect with your legislators to voice your perspective!



What: Rural Utah Day on the Hill

When: Thursday, February 2nd, 2023| 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Where: Virtual on Zoom or In-person at the Utah State Capitol Room 170

Melanie Hall

Melanie Hall

Policy Director for the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah)