Welcome to the 2023 Legislative Session!

Welcome to the 2023 legislative session!


Day one of the 2023 legislative session has officially ended. Let’s break down everything you need to know about this year’s session, including our priorities, why the session is so important, and ways for you to take action.

Our priorities this year

During the session, you’ll find HEAL up on the Hill advocating for bills that address our air quality crisis, support a just and equitable energy transition, and keep our communities safe from toxic and radioactive waste. So far, there have been 227 public bills and resolutions from the House and 111 from the Senate — and that’s just the start. Our team is working on identifying and breaking down any bill related to our main three focus areas and will be uploading them on our live bill tracker.

Ways to Take Action

Climate action can take shape in many forms during the general session, from emailing legislators to speaking face-to-face with them. There are many ways for you to take meaningful action!

Action Alerts

Send an email to your lawmaker introducing yourself, voicing your concerns, or even thanking them for supporting environmental solutions. 

Take Action Virtually

Fill out an action alert! During the session, we will periodically have action alerts on time-sensitive bills. 

Lobby with HEAL

Speak to your lawmakers face to face! 

Join us for our community lobby training every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Why is the Legislative session so important?

At the beginning of every year, Utah’s state lawmakers come together for 45 days to vote and pass legislation to address some of our state’s most pressing issues.

This vote-a-rama period is filled with opportunities for you to speak face-to-face with your elected officials and bring attention to why they should vote in support or against the proposed legislation. 


Why should you get involved?

To create systemic change through public policy, HEAL needs active participation from its members. By getting involved during the legislative session, you can provide feedback and voice support or concerns for specific legislation, thus playing an essential role in ensuring your priorities are heard and reflected in public policies.


To stay up-to-date on the legislative session, sign up for our weekly Capitol Report.