The Great Salt Lake: An Update on Current Levels, Ongoing Challenges, and Our Next Steps

Explore the Great Salt Lake’s ecological significance and the challenges it faces in our latest blog post, ‘The Great Salt Lake: An Update on Current Levels, Ongoing Challenges, and Our Next Steps.’ Discover how low water levels due to drought, overuse, and climate change threaten its ecosystems and communities. Stay informed about current water levels and the urgent need for conservation efforts. Explore the role of policy changes and collaborative initiatives, including HEAL Utah’s legislative impact. Address environmental justice concerns and community-driven efforts to protect the lake.

PRESS RELEASE:UTA Announces “Zero Fare for Clean Air” Agosto 17-18 Part of program funded by the Utah State Legislature to increase awareness and encourage transit use on bad air quality days

In partnership with the Utah State Legislature, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), and the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah), the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is holding Zero Fare for Clean Air days this Jueves and Viernes (AUGUST 17 & 18). Zero Fare will be available on all UTA bus and rail services, including bus, TRAX, FrontRunner, the S-Line Streetcar, Paratransit, the Park City-SLC Connect, and UTA On Demand. GREENbike is also offering a free Day Pass on these days; use the promo code 8123 in the GREENbike BCycle app.

PRESS RELEASE: Federal Court Ruling Again Lets Utah’s Worst Polluters off the Hook From Cleaning Up Emissions​

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Today the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a petition for review that would bring some of Utah’s worst polluting coal plants into compliance with the Clean Air Act’s visibility-protection provisions, instead enabling the Hunter and Huntington plants to continue polluting at the same damaging levels they have for more than a decade. The decision allows polluters to continue threatening air quality for Utah’s communities and muddies views at treasured national parks. The state’s stunning national parks — the Mighty 5 — stretch across southern and central Utah and contain some of the most iconic geological formations in the nation, including world-famous Zion and Arches National Parks. The conservation organizations are represented by Earthjustice and attorney John Barth.

The Role of Solar Power in Improving Air Quality in Utah

Discover how solar power is transforming Utah’s air quality and energy landscape. Despite challenges, Utah’s commitment to solar energy shines bright. With impressive solar power generation, innovative community projects, and a drive for grid integration, Utah is leading the way towards cleaner air and a greener future. Learn how solar power reduces reliance on fossil fuels, charges electric vehicles, and supports grid stability. Explore the environmental considerations and equity aspects of solar energy adoption. Take action to strengthen Utah’s solar plan, ensuring a more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.

What’s the deal with Utah’s summertime Ozone pollution?

Did you know Utah experiences air pollution in both summer and winter? Winter air quality in the northern valleys is among the worst in the nation. In summer, ozone pollution is especially hurting air quality, causing all kinds of health issues such as difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, headaches, and coughing, not to mention long-term issues such as chronic respiratory illness and increased risk of infection. If you’re in Utah, read our latest blog post to learn more about this invisible pollution, precautions you can take, and how to take action.

Pintar un problema climático: La niebla regional

Utah alberga lo que se conoce como "los 5 poderosos" parques nacionales". Entre ellos están los parques nacionales de Bryce, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands y Capitol Reef. Los habitantes de todo el estado están muy orgullosos de sus parques nacionales, pero el gran privilegio de albergarlos conlleva la gran responsabilidad de mantenerlos limpios para que todo el mundo pueda seguir disfrutando de ellos.

UTA anuncia jornadas de "Tarifas gratuitas para un aire limpio" el jueves 1 y el viernes 2 de septiembre

En asociación con la Legislatura del Estado de Utah, el Departamento de Calidad Ambiental de Utah (DEQ), la Asociación de Aire Limpio de Utah (UCAIR) y la Alianza para un Medio Ambiente Saludable de Utah (HEAL Utah), la Autoridad de Tránsito de Utah (UTA) celebra los días de Tarifa Gratuita para el Aire Limpio el jueves 1 y el viernes 2 de septiembre de 2022.