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Donating to HEAL Utah plays a vital role in safeguarding Utah’s environment and its people. Join the HEAL family today by contributing.

Your contribution pushes forward HEAL Utah’s goals to, 

  • Protect Communities from Air Pollution
  • Build an Inclusive Clean Energy Future
  • Build Climate Resilience and Health Equity
  • Protect Communities from Radioactive and Toxic Exposure

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to strengthen and enforce environmental policies, advocate for clean energy solutions, and ensure healthier communities.

Become a monthly Sustainer: 

Each contribution drives our mission, but our monthly sustainers are the bedrock of our efforts. Engaging daily on the frontlines, we partner with communities to preserve air quality, promote sustainable energy, and advocate for health equity. Since our campaigns extend over weeks, months, and even years, a monthly membership is the most impactful way to ensure we can reach our shared goals. 

Donate Now and Be a Force for Positive Change.

Note: Contributions, donations, gifts, and dues to HEAL Utah are tax deductible.  HEAL Utah is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. 

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